To prevent further damage, restoring your home or business after a disaster requires a quick, efficient response. This process is what we value most at ServiceMaster Advanced Restorations: Our priority is to not only respond quickly to your needs, but also to provide the best service that the disaster restoration industry has to offer.
The importance of a quick response.
The following disaster-related damages can hurt your property exponentially if they are not attended to as quickly as possible:
  • Responding QuicklySeepage in flooring and infrastructure due to water damage or flood – causes severe mold, mildew and breakdown of contents.
  • Water-ridden buildings can have warped infrastructure – leads to collapse and other safety concerns.
  • Fire or water damage can damage both insulation and electrical systems – this is a severe safety concern.
  • Fire damage to home or business – smoke residue causes infrastructure corrosion and health problems.
  • Situations involving biohazard or trauma – untreated materials have severe health implications.
No matter the nature of the disaster, ServiceMaster Advanced Restorations understands the importance of responding quickly. If you are in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and need assistance in disaster restoration, contact us for more information. (817) 267-5555